Board of Directors: Roles and Responsibilities (Approved by the Board of Directors – May 29, 2012)

Position: Board member

Position Summary:

A volunteer position, elected by the membership, entrusted with collective and individual responsibilities.  It is required that to be elected to the Board, an individual must be a voting member of the congregation in good standing.  You will commit to active engagement in Board meetings including any committee on which you serve.  You will participate in collaboration with senior management in the development and advancement of MCC Toronto’s mission, vision and strategic plan. You will build relationships with the congregation, donors and staff; participate in fundraising activities, exercise fiduciary responsibilities; and strive to support good governance. 

Knowledge and Competencies

  • Board members will be committed to MCC Toronto’s Mission, Vision, Beliefs, and Values.  You will have knowledge of, and be prepared to learn more about MCC Toronto policies, programs, services, strengths and needs.
  • Board members will reflect, and role model the MCC Toronto cultural values of trust and appreciation.  Your starting position will provide the benefit of the doubt and assume ‘good intent’ in deliberations with other Board members, staff and congregation.   You will seek to handle conflicts and grievances in a healthy, professional and mature fashion.
  • Board members will demonstrate strong leadership skills in their interpersonal relationships by interacting well with others, demonstrating good communication skills, giving and receiving candid feedback, being open to different viewpoints, showing respect for others, maintaining appropriate boundaries in both personal and professional relationships, using diplomacy and tact and by be willing to work in a team context when needed.

Key Expectations

The Board represents the membership by:

  • Supporting the articulation of our Mission (our purpose:  whom we hope to benefit and how, what we claim as core values – whose lives do we intend to change, and in what way?) and our Vision (when we achieve our Mission, what will be the result?)
  • Approve major long-term goals and strategies to support our Mission and Vision;
  • Regular monitoring of long terms goals;
  • Ensuring responsible management of resources;
  • Periodically reviewing its own performance to identify needs, effectiveness, and opportunities for growth.

Good governance

  • Approve policies to ensure sound management.  Policies will reflect our Mission, Vision, Beliefs and Values and guide decision-makers while empowering them;
  • Participate actively in ensuring the sound management and adequacy of entrusted resources and sound management and administrative practices of the Board and the MCC Toronto as a whole;
  • Ensure effective organizational planning and monitoring of Church goals and objectives consistent with the mission, vision, and strategic plan.

Fiduciary Responsibility

  • Fiduciary responsibility is defined as exercising a duty of care, diligence, obedience and skill that a reasonably prudent person would exercise in comparable circumstances. The duty of obedience is specifically defined as the duty to act within the scope of the governing policies of the organization and within the scope of other laws, rules and regulations that apply to the organization. Also, you are called to a duty of loyalty – to act with honesty and in good faith with a view to the best interests of the corporation.
  • Ensure the development and approval of the annual budget.
  • Have at least a basic understanding of financial statements;
  • Carefully review the Church’s financial statements and ask questions or seek clarification as appropriate to fulfill the Board’s fiduciary obligation;
  • Ensure that the Church is in adherence with all laws and regulations and MCC Toronto’s Mission, Vision, Beliefs and Values.


  • Ensure adequate resources and institute plans for effective fund-raising.  Assist the fundraising initiative and activities of committees and staff through the implementation of fundraising strategies through personal influence with others (corporations, individuals, foundations, congregation);
  • Giving financially according to personal means.


  • Prepare for and participate in Board and Committee meetings;
  • Ask timely and substantive questions consistent with your conscience, convictions and available information;
  • Maintain confidentiality of the Board “in camera” sessions and other Board discussions;
  • Seek to work towards consensus as often as possible. Support majority decision and represent a unified voice – recognizing there may be occasions when your convictions lead you to respectfully disagree with other members of the board;
  • Abstain from representing yourself as the “voice of the Board” unless specifically authorized;
  • Suggest agenda items for meetings to ensure significant activities, initiatives and policy matters are addressed;
  • Hold yourself, other Board members, and the Senior Pastor accountable for promises made, for obligations of office, and for good board process.

Relationship with staff

  • Counsel the Senior Pastor as appropriate and counsel her or him through difficult relationships with groups or individuals;
  • Avoid asking special favours from staff or making extensive or special information requests without prior consultations with CEO/Senior Pastor;
  • The Senior Pastor has ultimate responsibility for all personnel matters;
  •  The Senior Pastor is directly responsible to the congregation and works in partnership with the Board.  However, the Board of Directors can support the Senior Pastor with timely information or constructive feedback on matters and issues of importance to the well-being of the church.

Relationship with Congregation and Conflicts of interests

  • Serve the congregation as a whole as opposed to any special interest group, friends or constituency;
  • Avoid any conflict of interest or perception that you ‘represent’ anything other than the best interests of MCCT or a situation that may embarrass the Board or organization;
  • Disclose any possible conflicts of interest to the Board as soon as they are identified;
  • Maintain independence and objectivity and operate to a high standard of fairness, ethics and personal integrity.

March 2019 Update

As part of our commitment to more regular, transparent and timely communication with the Congregation we want to highlight some of our recent activities. We meet bi-monthly and will provide you with the key points arising from our meetings.

Board meeting March 13, 2019 and Congregational Town Hall March 17, 2019

Congregational Care initiative

Our top staff initiative currently is developing and implementing a radically new model for congregational care that is integrated, transparent, accountable, and meets the increasing needs of our congregation.   We are in the midst of a search for a part-time Coordinator of Congregational Care to lead and mentor a team of lay ministers, clergy, and friendly visitors– if you know someone that may be qualified for this position, direct them to the following job posting: . 

Hiring process for Music Director

In anticipation of Diane’s fall retirement, we have begun a thorough process to find an outstanding candidate to lead us into a new chapter of marvellous music ministry.  The position has been posted and a hiring committee has been developed which includes Diane, Jeff, Shelly, Mark Guiller and members of the choir.  We will leverage our recent experience in conducting a search and hiring a Senior Pastor.  We are deeply grateful to Diane for her commitment to MCC Toronto and continuing to lead our outstanding Music ministry as we transitioned from Brent to Jeff – this stability in our Sunday worship has been a key to our success in the past year.   

Annual Congregation Business Meeting

Pencil June 16 for our ACBM when Jeff will provide his Senior Pastor address and report regarding church goals and budget and the congregation will receive our annual audited financial statements, vote on any recommended by-law changes and elect a new Board member.  Bev Wybrow, our former Board Vice-moderator has served in the past two years, offering us her wisdom and guidance as we have bridged from Brent to Jeff.  Her term is up and we will be electing a new member.  If you are interested in putting your name forward as a possible candidate, please contact us at the email below.  At this point there is only one opening available.  A copy of the Roles and Responsibilities on the Board of Directors can be found in our website in addition to a document providing background regarding the role of the Board as a policy Board.

Remember that your Board represents you, the congregation.   If you have questions or concerns you can contact us via a confidential email at  bofd@mcctoronto.comWe are also looking forward to updating our site in the next few months to include additional background documents.   You can check us out at

Lori Boyce,
Chair, Governance Committee

Co-Vice Moderator of the Board

Board meeting January 16, 2019 MCC Denomination and MCC London.

As part of our commitment to more regular, transparent and timely communication with the Congregation we want to highlight some of our recent activities. We meet bi-monthly and will provide you with the key points arising from our meetings.

The MCC London, Ontario congregation fell dramatically short in their annual pledge campaign for 2019 and Reverend Bruce Lee tendered his resignation. Discussions are on-going in terms of future.The 50th Anniversary of MCC will be celebrated at the General Conference in Orlando from July 1-5. Registration is now open at Please email if you plan to attend the Conference this year. Let us know if you are interested in being considered as a possible official MCC Toronto “delegate”. Delegates officially represent MCC Toronto in the Business Meetings and attend the various workshops. Delegate selection is typically made about a month before the Conference begins. Jeff is working with other pastors of large congregations to discuss leadership issues in advance of the conference.

Survey results 

96 people completed our fall survey. The results are important to review, although we must be aware that they heavily reflect the views of the individuals who completed the survey: primarily older, long- term, active members of our church who typically attend the 11 am service. Over 80% of the participants were age 50 and older and the largest age demographic was the age 60-69 group.  · 90% were split evenly between those who identify as male or female.  · 65% have attended MCC Toronto for over 7 years· 69% are active as a volunteer at the church· 70% primarily attend the 11 am service· 76% attend 3 or more services a month We therefore need to recognize that younger, new visitors, and more periodic attendees of our church are not fully represented, nor are the folks who typically attend the 9am or 7pm services.  There was a clear endorsement that the top four qualities that people value the most about MCC Toronto are:· Commitment to social justice· Music· Commitment to inclusion/diversity· Message of God’s unconditional love  

Early review of year-end financials 

2018 was a year of monumental change and challenge for us at MCC Toronto with a Senior Pastor transition and a projected $54,000 budget deficit. The staff team worked hard to reduce expenses and have made difficult staffing decisions as we move into the future together. And, once again, you have chosen to be generous in your time through volunteering, participating, and in your giving. Donations in support of our Christmas Eve Service, Christmas Eve Offerings, and the year-end Christmas Appeal all significantly surpassed our expectations. The remarkably generous support of our regular and new sustained givers in 2018 resulted in a slight uptick in automated contributions over 2017.  A huge THANK YOU to each of you for putting your faith, trust, and commitment into our church and its life-saving programs, and for the many ways that each of you supports our vital work.  We are also extremely grateful to the late Ken Rose, a long-time congregant and champion for MCC Toronto, for the Planned Giving provisions made in his Estate. Ken’s legacy gift received in 2018 has truly been a blessing.  As a result of these collective contributions, I am very pleased to announce that we ended 2018 in a good position, ahead of where we expected to be. While this is an occasion for great celebration, we must also remain diligent in addressing a long-standing structural deficit where expenses are still exceeding congregational giving excluding estate gifts. But, if we work together, we will make 2019 an even better year as we cast a vision into the future. 

Congregational Care initiative 

Our top staff initiative currently is preparing for the planned April launch of a new model for congregational care.  We are looking for a part-time Coordinator of Congregational Care – if you know someone who may be qualified for this position, direct them to the following job posting: Remember you can email us at and check us out at

Lori Boyce,
Chair, Governance Committee
Co-Vice Moderator of the Board

November 2018 Update

News from the MCC Toronto Board of Directors

As part of our commitment to more regular, transparent and timely communication with the Congregation we want to highlight some of our recent activities. We meet bi-monthly and will provide you with the key points arising from our meetings. This month we held a Town Hall meeting, below are the notes from that meeting.

Town Hall meeting November 4, 2018

COMPLETE OUR NEW CONGREGATIONAL SURVEY!  We expect it may take about 20 minutes to complete.  Your input is critical as we seek your thoughts about what you value and prioritize!


After almost nine months as our Senior Pastor, Jeff shared with us his desire to partner with us to discern what we want to continue to do, what we need to stop doing – and what we need to start doing as we continue our journey to be the church God calls us to be.  We have had financial challenges for the past several years and we need to reconsider our budgeting process: instead of fitting our programs into a budget, we need to consider our budget from both the perspective of what programs we value, and our consistent pattern of income projections not being achieved.


Finance Update


Major Building Structural Repairs

Several years ago, we made major repairs to our roof.  Regrettably major storms in the spring exploited other known issues: the vulnerability of our foundation, and specifically flooding near our electrical panel.  We commissioned a report from a structural engineer to guide our decision making in prioritizing critical repairs.   Our Finance Committee reviewed the report and proposed potential funding methods to the Board.  We are in the process of requesting tenders.  The Board believes that we may be able to leverage long term investments to finance most of the anticipated $500,000 cost.


Budgeting challenges


Congregational Giving

Approximately 60% of our revenue is from regular giving. For the past several years we have experienced a downward trend in offerings- both plate and from our “automated” givers (those who donate via pre-authorized chequing/credit card/etc.).  The decrease has been in a variety of forms: some sustainers have reduced their offering, some have cancelled and, in some cases, credit cards have been declined (remember that when you get a new credit card, the information at the church needs to be updated if you have pre-authorized withdrawals from your credit card).


Major Events

In addition, approximately 20% of our revenue is projected to be generated by three annual labour intensive, expensive major events: Pride, Christmas Eve at Roy Thomson Hall, and our “mid year fundraiser”.   These events require a major commitment of staff time, volunteers, and significant sponsorships.

Pride’s Church on Church

As many of you will recall, Pride’s Church on Church this year was rained out and, through the outstanding work of staff and volunteers, re-located to the church within a couple of hours of having been cancelled. The relocation was a tremendous testament to our resilience and creativity, but it did still leave us 7%  short from the budgeted income. Staff is exploring possible Pride alternatives for 2019 to mitigate our reliance on reasonable weather after three years of weather challenges.


Mid-Year Event

We postponed the original Bridges to Hope and Freedom event which had been scheduled for the spring at the new Globe and Mail building due to a lack of sponsorship.  Major events in external venues can often attract new people and individuals who support our social justice efforts. They enable outreach beyond our congregation and promote our work by highlighting our unique non- church specific commitments like  the Triangle program, our Refugee ministry, etc. The venues we have chosen in the past (ie:  Arcadian Court, Daniel’s Spectrum, Carlu) have enabled us to encourage corporate sponsorship and premium ticket prices. The challenges are that these events require intense major staff/volunteer efforts and have significant up-front costs since in addition to rent, typically the facility requires you also use their own premium catering, AV resources, etc.

We ultimately moved this event back to the church in order to contain expenses. In return, it was more challenging to recruit major corporate sponsorship and we knew the revenue goal would not be achieved.  Instead of the targeted $50,000 goal we netted $17,000.


Christmas Eve at Roy Thomson Hall

Our goal this year is to net $33,000  from this outreach worship service.  This venue has anticipated expenses of $55,000  and so we need to generate $88,000  in order to reach our goals.


Year End Appeal

For several years the staff and Board have shared a common goal to reduce our reliance on a year end appeal to meet our basic operating expenses.   However, at this point we have not been able to execute on our goals to find additional sources of income or expense reduction, and so we still have a goal in 2018 to generate $50,000  from our year-end appeal.


Planned Giving-Wills and Estates

MCC Toronto is blessed to have had generous individuals name us as a beneficiary in their estates. In fact, these unexpected sources of income have often helped us to avoid finishing the year in a deficit situation. This year we acknowledge Ken Rose, a true MCC champion and evening regular who died tragically this spring, for his generous bequest of  $144,000 to us.  In addition, we’ve received approximately $8,000 in memorial donations.


Expense Management

MCC Toronto is not your typical church or non-profit: we are a unique institution that has historically over-achieved. We do not simply offer Sunday services: we seek to transform lives and the world through our commitment to individual and collective needs. We were instrumental in providing support during the AIDS crisis. We have been at the forefront of the battle for same sex and trans rights. Our commitment to social justice is manifested in tangible commitments: we separately fundraise $40,000 – $50,000 a year from primarily corporate donors to support the cost of hosting the Triangle program.

Our church covers the overhead costs of the Refugee program, but you may not know that we have a Strategy and Fundraising Advisory Team that  separately fundraises for direct program costs.   In addition, volunteers fundraise for the financial support that goes to refugees we privately sponsor or co-sponsor with the government.

It is with heavy hearts that, as we reviewed our 2018 budget in preparation for planning for 2019, we made the difficult decision to eliminate the roles of Team Leader of Communications and Team Leader of Giving Programs.  We express our sincere appreciation to Kendrew Pape and Kevin Coutu respectively for their dedication and contributions to MCC Toronto and hold them in our hearts and prayers as we wish them well in the next chapters of their journeys.   A new position, Director of Development and Communications  has been created that will combine key responsibilities for communication management and fundraising.  This position is posted on the Association of Fundraising Professionals website (AFP) with an application deadline of November 22, 2018.  If you know of anyone who may be interested, please encourage them to send their resume to





Minutes from the 2017 Annual Congregational Business Meeting

Minutes of the 2017 Annual Congregational Business Meeting

June 18, 2017

Chair: Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes, Moderator

Minutes: Annabelle Menezes, Executive Assistant to Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes


1. Call to Order – The Annual Congregational Business Meeting was called to order at 12NOON, at the conclusion of the 10:50AM worship service. Voting members were identified and a quorum was established. The ACBM was recessed until 12:45PM on the same day. The meeting reconvened at 12:45PM
2. Opening Prayer – Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes
3. Approval of 2016 ACBM Minutes

Moved by: Marilyn                                                  Seconded by: Bev                 Motion: Carried

4. Explanation & Approval of Agenda – Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes (see agenda handout)

The Moderator introduced and discussed the agenda.

Motion to approve Agenda:

Moved by:  Deborah                                                Seconded by:  Sam                Motion: Carried

5. Senior Pastor’s Address & Report & 2017-18 Goals & Budget (see handout)

The Senior Pastor’s Report was delivered verbally and in written form by Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes, and questions were entertained.

Key items were discussed:

·         2016 was a challenging year

·         Brent thanked members of the Board and Staff for the extra work put in over the last year, especially Anne Brayley (Chair of the Board), Shelly Morris, Diane Leah and Annie Menezes (Staff). Brent also thanked Anne Brayley for her time on the Board. Brent also thanked Shelly and her team of Staff and the Finance Committee for management of the budget.


The 2017-18 Goals & Budget and first quarter 2017 financials were summarized by Shelly Morris, and questions were entertained.


Motion to approve the Senior Pastor’s Report and the 2017-18 Goals and Budget:

Moved by: Denise                         Seconded by: Karen                      

Motion: Carried


6. Senior Pastor Search Update – Anne Brayley

  • Anne Brayley gave an update on the Senior Pastor search process.
  • There will be a special congregational meeting on July 9th for the Senior Pastor vote. Brent explained the voting process and the communication around confirming Voting Member status. The list of eligible voters will be closed effective June 18th.
  • There will be a Q & A for the Senior Pastor Elect candidate – please send your questions to


7. Election of members to Board of Directors (see handout)

  • Anne Brayley gave an overview of the MCCT Board of Directors, subcommittees and who is up for election. The Board of Directors consists of 6 elected board members and Brent.
  • Nominating Committee recommendations for filling board positions: Joe Jamieson, Bentley Springer, Bev Wybrow
  • Distribution & Counting of Ballots – Shelly Morris, Andrew Holmes, Diane Leah
  • All candidates were elected unanimously:

Joe Jamieson – Appointed to a 3-year term

Bentley Springer – Appointed to a 3-year term

Bev Wybrow – Appointed to a 1-year term


Motion to destroy ballots:

Moved by: Susan                                      Seconded by: Bev                             Motion: Carried

8. Motion to Receive the 2016 Audited Financial Statements (see handout) – Cheryl Smith

The financial statements were explained by Cheryl Smith who also responded to questions.

  • Recommendations made by auditors.
  • Brent explained the process of audited financial statements, including the cost and management recommendations. Most other churches do not have audited financial statements.
  • We had another clean audit this year.


Motion to receive Audited Financial Statements for 2016:

Moved by: Jim                                     Seconded by: Maria                             Motion: Carried

9. Motion to Appoint Hillborn LLP as Auditor for 2017 – Cheryl Smith

Moved by: Cheryl                                      Seconded by: Susan                             Motion: Carried

10. Acknowledgements – Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes

Brent acknowledged the Staff, Board and volunteers for their work in preparation of the ACBM.

Lori acknowledged that this was the last ACBM for Brent and thanked him for his 40 years of service to the church.

11. Call for Adjournment – Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes

Closing Prayer

Motion to Adjourn:

Moved by: Roy                                     Seconded by: John                               Motion: Carried

20018 ACBM Agenda

2018 Annual Congregational Business Meeting


June 10, 2018, 12:45-2:00 pm


12:30 pm Call for Quorum
12:45 pm Call to Order and Opening Prayer
12:50 pm Approval of 2017 ACBM Minutes
12:53 pm Explanation and Approval of Agenda
12:55pm Discussion and vote re: by-law change
1:05 pm Senior Pastor’s Address & Report & 2018-19 Goals and Budget
1:25 pm Election of Members to the Board of Directors
1:35 pm Motion to receive Audited Financial Statements for 2016
1:50 pm Motion to appoint Hilborn LLP as the Auditor for 2017
1:55 pm Announcement of election of Board of Directors and Acknowledgements
2:00 pm Call for Adjournment and Closing Prayer