20018 ACBM Agenda

2018 Annual Congregational Business Meeting


June 10, 2018, 12:45-2:00 pm


12:30 pm Call for Quorum
12:45 pm Call to Order and Opening Prayer
12:50 pm Approval of 2017 ACBM Minutes
12:53 pm Explanation and Approval of Agenda
12:55pm Discussion and vote re: by-law change
1:05 pm Senior Pastor’s Address & Report & 2018-19 Goals and Budget
1:25 pm Election of Members to the Board of Directors
1:35 pm Motion to receive Audited Financial Statements for 2016
1:50 pm Motion to appoint Hilborn LLP as the Auditor for 2017
1:55 pm Announcement of election of Board of Directors and Acknowledgements
2:00 pm Call for Adjournment and Closing Prayer