April 2018 Update

News from the MCC Toronto Board of Directors

As part of our commitment to more regular, transparent and timely communication with the Congregation we want to highlight some of our recent activities. We meet bi-monthly and will provide you with the key points arising from our meetings. In addition, on our Board website, http://board.mcctoronto.com you can find a variety of Board documents and congregational communications.

April 25 Board meeting notes

Primary 2018 Staff objectives

  1. Senior Pastor Transition
  2. New Visitors engagement
  3. Increased Social Events
  4. Congregational Care Initiatives
  5. Capital Campaign

Primary 2018 Board objectives

Critical to our success this year:

  • our active support and management of the transition of Jeff as our new Senior Pastor
  • our leadership and support for the Capital Campaign
  • ensuring our key resource documents are identified, secured, and accessible
  • our continuing focus on financial stewardship

Senior Pastor transition process

Jeff is continuing in his work with the MCC denomination to complete the requirements to officially become an accredited MCC Pastor. The formal requirements will be done prior to the next MCC conference and in no way limit Jeff’s ability to serve as our Senior Pastor.

Jeff meets regularly with the retired Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes, our Governance committee, and Executive Director Shelly Morris to share insights and seek feedback. Jeff has also reached out to Rev. Bruce Lee of MCC London, attended a Sunday Social Meet & Greet hosted by Kelly Vollering and Pat Elfer, and met with many congregants and church supporters.

Annual Congregation Business Meeting (ACBM)

All members in good standing can vote in our ACBM on Sunday June 10. The formal agenda will include the presentation of our audited financial statements, the election of several Directors, and an important vote for a by-law amendment to increase the number of Directors for our Board from the current fixed maximum of six to a more flexible rage of “six to nine”.  A copy of the “Roles and Responsibilities” of the Board of Directors is available on our website: board.mcctoronto.com. Board members are also working members on one of three sub-committees: Fund Development, Finance, or Governance. Our goal is to better support the committees, better reflect our church demographics, and provide an opportunity to mentor and support new Board members.

Bridges Event

We discussed the challenges of hosting a major fund-raising event in an external venue. When we use an external venue, we are required to use the venue’s audio-visual equipment and staff support, food, bar, etc. In practical terms, this means significant sponsorship & donations are required just to meet the up-front fixed expenses.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have the required sponsorships and donations this year. As a result, we’re postponing the event until October 10 and bringing it back to the church.

Estate Gift

We have been blessed with a generous donation from Ken Rose’s estate. Ken’s commitment to MCC Toronto was reflected in his estate planning and we appreciate Ken’s legacy in its many forms.

2018 Budget

So far, we are below our projected expenses and ahead on our revenue. However, we have identified major structural issues after the recent ice storm and have empowered Shelly and Ned to obtain a structural engineer’s report and proceed on required work.

Capital Campaign Update

Groundwork for our Major Capital Campaign will be co-led by Anne Brayley and Michael McCain.