March 2018 Update

News from the MCC Toronto Board of Directors

As part of our commitment to more regular, transparent and timely communication with the Congregation we want to highlight some of our recent activities. We meet bi-monthly and will provide you with the key points arising from our meetings. In addition, on our Board website, you can find a variety of Board documents and congregational communications.

Primary 2018 MCC Toronto objectives:

  • Senior Pastor Transition
  • Capital Campaign
  • Newcomers Program
  • Social events to foster friendships, fun and fund-raising
  • Congregational Care initiatives


2018 Board primary objectives: Critical to our success this year will be:


  • our active support and management of the transition of Jeff becoming our new Senior Pastor
  • our leadership and support to the Capital campaign
  • ensuring our key resource documents are identified, secured, and accessible
  • our continuing focus on financial stewardship


Senior Pastor transition process


We have received consistent, favourable feedback in terms of congregational support for Jeff.  While some questioned the four-month over-lap with Brent, we feel that Jeff, the congregation, and Brent all benefited from the staged transition.  Jeff’s installation service on January 21 and Brent’s final service on January 28 were landmark events for our church and the energy was palatable for both.


Jeff is continuing in his work with the MCC denomination to complete the requirements to officially become an accredited MCC Pastor. The formal requirements will be done prior to the next MCC conference and in no way limit Jeff’s ability to serve as our Senior Pastor.


Board discussions included


  • Update re: groundwork being done for the Capital campaign which will be co-lead by Anne Brayley and Michael McCain;
  • Creation of a policy re: Selection and support of MCC student clergy candidates;
  • Timing of the Annual Congregation Business Meeting and our annual audit;
  • Reviewing our policy re: confidentiality re: staff salaries.


We welcome your feedback and engagement. Together, God has called us to do great things.

Lori Boyce,
Chair, Governance Committee

Co-Vice Moderator of the Board