Senior Pastor Selection Process

We have summarized the Church of the Future survey and will be communicating the results soon. It will provide a general direction in terms of the priorities of our next Senior Pastor.

The time-line for the public call for candidates is still being reviewed. We will continue to engage with congregation as we go through the process – via Town Hall meetings, small group meetings, and individual conversations.

Under our by-laws, the Board of Directors is charged with the responsibility of identifying, recruiting and presenting to the Congregation our next Senior Pastor who will be formally elected by members of MCC Toronto.

The mandate of the search committee is to have a clear and robust Senior Pastor selection plan to ensure they identify the strongest possible candidate who will be strongly endorsed by the congregation to partner with us as we continue to grow as a vibrant, inclusive, progressive Christian church. They have developed criteria including a focus on progressive theology criteria for potential candidates.

At this point we are in the process of proactively identifying possible candidates who may be interested in applying. This search has extended beyond MCC. We will also be conducting an open call and inviting all interested parties to apply.

Ultimately the Selection Committee will come to the Board with a recommendation. When the Board has endorsed the candidate, the individual will be presented to the congregation. Members in good standing will then vote on the candidate.