Senior Pastor Position Description

The Role

The Senior Pastor is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto (“MCC Toronto”) and the Moderator of the Board of Directors.  The Senior Pastor has ultimate responsibility for the spiritual and financial health of MCC Toronto. More specifically:


  • Visionary Spiritual Leadership
    • The Senior Pastor leads the development of MCC Toronto’s mission, vision and values by engaging all stakeholders.
  • Worship Leadership and Innovation
    • The Senior Pastor is the primary preacher and teacher for the congregation as well as coach and mentor for clergy.
  • Senior Leadership
    • The Senior Pastor leads a Senior Leadership team who support a vibrant congregation.
    • As Moderator of the Board of Directors, the Senior Pastor works closely with the Vice Moderator and all Board members to provide governance and oversight of the strategic plan for the church.
  • Financial Leadership
    • The Senior Pastor has overall responsibility for ensuring the financial health of the church for the short and long terms.
  • Donor Development
    • A core responsibility of the Senior Pastor is to build deep relationships with key congregants and other donors to the church that ensures financial stability and continued growth of the church.
  • Community Leadership
    • The Senior Pastor is the key public spokesperson for the church and must build a broad base of relationships to support the church’s social justice leadership role in the community.
  • Represent MCC Toronto within UFMCC and MCCIC
    • MCC Toronto is one of the largest congregations in the UFMCC (Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches) network. The Senior Pastor plays a key role in representing MCC Toronto’s interests within the Denomination and UFMCC’s interests in Canada and elsewhere.
    • The Senior Pastor is an integral part of MCCIC (Metropolitan Community Churches in Canada) – a governance body between UFMCC and MCC churches in Canada.

Qualifications and Skills

  • Master of Divinity or equivalent is required; Doctorate degree is helpful
  • At least 3-5 years’ experience as a Senior Pastor or in senior staff role of large, multi-staff church
  • An established record of embracing Progressive Christianity.
  • History of transformational success in leadership roles.
  • Track record of achieving sustained church growth
  • Willingness to serve in role for 10+ years
  • Demonstrated strong financial leadership resulting in the financial health of the organization
  • Experience working in complex, diverse organizations

 Personal Attributes

  • An inspirational and visionary leader
  • Strong worship/preaching skills
  • An effective team leader/mentor
  • Aligned with our Bedrock Beliefs, Core values, Mission and Vision
  • An advocate for progressive Christianity and the LGBTQ community
  • Strong people skills – strong emotional intelligence
  • Authentic , clear integrity
  • Energetic, passionate, action oriented

Flexible, open-minded, attentive listener: consensus builder

Senior Pastor Application Form