Minutes of the 2016 Annual Congregational Business Meeting

2017 Board Nominees

2017 ACBM agenda

2016 Audited Financial Statements – signed

Chair: Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes, Moderator
Minutes: Annabelle Menezes, Executive Assistant to Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes
1. Call to Order – The Annual Congregational Business Meeting was called to order at 12NOON, at the conclusion of the 10:50AM worship service. Voting members were identified and a quorum was established. The ACBM was recessed until 12:45PM on the same day. The meeting reconvened at 12:45PM
2. Opening Prayer – Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes
3. Approval of 2015 ACBM Minutes
Moved by: John Letters Seconded by: Marilyn Byers Motion: Carried
4.. Explanation & Approval of Agenda – Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes (see agenda handout)
The Moderator introduced and discussed the agenda.
Motion to approve Agenda:
Moved by: Darlene Morris Seconded by: Theresa Harvey Motion: Carried
5. Senior Pastor’s Address & Report & 2016 Goals & Budget (see handout)
The Senior Pastor’s Report was delivered verbally by Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes, and questions were entertained.
Key items were discussed:
2015 was a challenging year
Brent thanked members of the Board and Staff for the extra work put in during the sabbatical, especially Anne Brayley (Chair of the Board), Shelly Morris, Rev. Kevin Downer, Diane Leah and Annie Menezes (Staff) and Carol Osler and Darrell Jensen (Board Finance Committee members). Brent also thanked Darrell Jensen and Michael Serapio for their time on the Board. Brent also thanked Shelly and her team of Staff and the Finance Committee for management of the budget.
The 2016 Goals & Budget and first quarter 2016 financials were summarized by Shelly Morris, and questions were entertained.
Motion to approve the Senior Pastor’s Report and the 2016 Goals and Budget:
Moved by: Brian Birkby Seconded by: Duncan Broom Motion: Carried
6. Senior Pastor Search Update – Anne Brayley
 Anne Brayley gave an update on the Senior Pastor search process. Rev. Brent Hawkes and Rev. Don Eastman have started the
search process. The next phase is an open call. Anne Brayley, Lori Boyce and Andrew Fleming will be on the Search Committee.
 Various groups have been engaged in conversation including through the congregational survey. Future meetings include HOLA and
7. Election of members to Board of Directors (see handout)
Anne Brayley gave an overview of the MCCT Board of Directors, subcommittees and who is up for election. The Board of Directors consists of 6 elected board members and Brent.
Nominating Committee recommendations for filling board positions: Cheryl Smith, Bentley Springer Distribution & Counting of Ballots – Annabelle Menezes, Mike Dodds, Ned Yuzefowich & Kendrew Pape
Both candidates were elected unanimously:
Cheryl Smith – Appointed to her first 2-year term
Bentley Springer – Appointed to his first 1-year term
8. Motion to Receive the 2015 Audited Financial Statements (see handout) – Cheryl Smith
The financial statements were explained by Cheryl Smith who also responded to questions.
Recommendations made by auditors.
There was an explanation of the deficit.
Motion to receive Audited Financial Statements for 2015:
Moved by: Debbie Brown Seconded by: Marilyn Byers Motion: Carried
9. Motion to Appoint Hillborn LLP as Auditor for 2016 – Cheryl Smith
Moved by: Cheryl Smith Seconded by: Denise Campbell Motion: Carried
10. Acknowledgements – Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes
Brent acknowledged the Staff, Board and volunteers for their work in preparation of the ACBM.
11. Call for Adjournment – Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes
Closing Prayer – Rev. Deana Dudley
Motion to Adjourn:
Moved by: Nicole Borthwick Seconded by: Dolly Smith Motion: Carried